Editorial in Lancet

CoSTREAM is mentioned in an editorial on vascular disease and neurodegeneration and how these are advancing together, published in Lancet.

The editorial states that "for too long, research in dementia has neglected the most common comorbidity in elderly patients: cerebrovascular disease. ... Vascular brain lesions are very common in people aged 70 years and older, and a large proportion of dementia cases might be attributed to cerebrovascular disease."

Furthermore, the editorial welcomes the "increased support for multidisciplinary research on the vascular contributions to cognitive impairment", and believes that it "will accelerate discoveries in two fields that have traditionally advanced in parallel". 

It concludes that "the need for [cerebrovascular disease and cognitive impairment research] to converge is also being recognised in Europe, where stroke and dementia research come together in landmark initiatives such as the CoSTREAM consortium, SVDS@target, and METACOHORTS."

You can read the editorial here.

Posted on Monday 1 May 2017